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Wellness Care

Our Services

All Creatures Great and Small, Inc. is a full service mobile veterinary clinic that provides a wide variety of personalized services for our patients. In addition to caring for household pets both great and small; we also provide care for a variety of livestock breeds, equids and exotic animals.

Unless our team advises otherwise, Wellness and Sick Care appointments are scheduled for one hour.

  • Wellness Care Services include:

    • Pre-Purchase and Annual Exams

    • Vaccinations

    • Microchipping

    • Deworming

    • Diagnostic Preventative Care

    • Dental Services

    • Nail and Hoof Trims

    • Ear Cleaning

    • Reproduction Services

    • Gland Expressions

  • Sick Care Services include:

    • Colic

    • Gastrointestinal Disease

    • Allergies

    • Chronic Illness Management

    • Geriatric Patient Management

    • Lameness

    • Trauma

    • Laceration Repairs

    • Foxtail Removal

    • Mass Removal

    • Enucleations

    • Minor Amputations

    • Euthanasia

  • Diagnostic Care Services include:

    • Blood Work

    • Fecal Testing

    • Radiology

  • After Hours Emergency Care Services* include:

    • Allergic Reactions

    • Snake Bites

    • Colic

    • Trauma

    • Lacerations

    • Severe Bleeding

    • Seizures

    • Poison Ingestion

    • Lethargy

    • Lameness

    • Vomiting

    • Diarrhea

    • Foreign Object Ingestion

About Our Emergency Services:

*At this time our emergency services are available to current patients only. A patient is considered current if they have medical history on file and have been seen by All Creatures Great and Small, Inc. prior to the emergency.

If hospitalization is needed after we have arrived and assessed the emergency at your home, we can stabilize your pet and use our mobile veterinary vehicle to safely transport your pet as quickly as possible.

For information about our Cancellation and No Show policies, please visit our FAQs.

Wellness Care Services
Sick Care Services
Diagnostic Care Services
Emergency Care Services



From food and treats to medication and supplements, visit our online pharmacy for your next prescriptions.



Our Service Area

We proudly serve the following areas:

The Santa Ynez Valley

Ballard, Buellton, Los Alamos,

Los Olivos, Santa Ynez, Solvang


Appointments Available

Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm

After Hours Emergency Services

Available to Current Patients

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